Board of Directors:
Joyce Meltabarger
Candice Vickers
Richard Phillips

President: Colleen Beeler
Secretary: Rebicca Hughes
Treasurer: Pearl Coffey


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Founded in 1999.




Our Mission:  Leadership Union County will develop the leaders that help create a unified and progressive community. The program will help identify opportunities and challenges, develop strategies and provide resources to achieve community goals. Leadership Union County will help build community consensus and promote Union County. 

Leadership Union County holds 5 day-long classes beginning in April of each year, with graduation in October.

Applications for each year are accepted January 1 thru the application deadline of March 31.

The cost of the class is $175.00.  After being accepted for the program the fee of $175 will be due before the first day of class. 

If you are interested in participating in upcoming classes, please use the link on the left to download and print an application.  Complete and mail the application to the following address:

Leadership Union County
P.O. Box 1265
Maynardville, TN 37807

Or email to:

We look forward to hearing from you.



One might ask,
"Why LUC?"

●  To single out those individuals who are motivated to become future leaders;
●  To challenge those identified by educating them to the needs and opportunities facing their community; 
●  To create an opportunity for existing community leaders and those participating;
●  To create an opportunity for existing community leaders in the region, an unusual chance to broaden their leadership potential
●  To enhance the skills of future community leaders in order that they might better serve their respectable communities.

The goals of Leadership Union County are:
●  To develop leaders who are "visionaries", capable of articulating a clear and inspiring vision of Union County's future.
●  To create a network of local leaders who will work together to address common problems and achieve common solutions.
●  To expand existing pools of leadership by drawing on the talents of people from all walks of life. 
●  To develop leaders who can focus the talents of their communities on creating innovative approaches to the challenges of the 21st Century.

It is the Board of Director's goal that upon completion, graduates of Leadership Union County will be better equipped to take their places as the driving force behind future decisions affecting us all.